Cosplay 101: The Basics of Frills

More and more cosplayers are turning their attention on Sakizo and bringing her art to life.  I too will be working on a Sakizo costume later this year.  Many of her designs require the use of lace.  Whether a Sakizo costume is in your “Future Cosplay” plans or something else requiring the use of lace, this info may be helpful in finding the right “frills”.

There are many types of lace on the market.  The two major differences are in texture: The scratchy, synthetic lace that so many people avoid like the plague and the soft, cotton lace that name brand lolita designers use.  But don’t be so quick to overlook the “scratchy” lace!  If you’re purchasing lace by the bolt or just for trim and it’s too stiff for your tastes, simply let it soak in hand-washing detergent and dry it flat.  This will soften the lace.  Cotton lace (Venice lace) has a crocheted appearance and is usually preferred for appliques.  Cotton lace can also be dyed very easily where as synthetic, not so much.  However synthetic lace is usually offered in a wide range of colors.  If you’re looking for something softer with a light texture, try chiffon or tulle lace.  These are normally used for bridal veils or wedding gowns.  

Lace is available in many forms:

Edging Lace - One side is straight, the other is scalloped or any variety of pattern along the edge.

Beading Lace - Has openings or holes for beading or ribbon.

Flat Lace - Exactly as it sounds, this lace can be bought on the bolt or as trim.  It can also have a straight edge on one side or both sides may be decorative or scalloped.

Gathered Lace - Can be either elasticized or not.  Either gathered along one edge or down the center.

Entredeux Lace - Used to attach lace to fabric, can either have a flat or scalloped edge.  Also available as eyelet.

Now for some examples:

 Edging Lace

Beading Lace

Flat Lace

Gathered Lace (elasticized)

Entredeux Lace

Cosplay Update: March 2014

I am finally finishing up a costume started last year.  Originally it was intended for premiere at AWA 2013 but didn’t quite work out.  Here is a progress pic so far, still a lot of detail work to go!

I’m also working on a surprise cosplay made entirely from thrift store finds. :)  I’ll be altering a vintage jumper and even using an old bed sheet.  First time I’ve ever done this so should be interesting!  Both costumes will be premiered next month!  So stay tuned!

I also neglected to post my last commission.  So, here we go:

Souji’s uniform from Kamen Rider (excuse the wrinkles, the coat is larger than the dress form)

MIA & Cosplay Sale!

Hello followers!  Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  An emergency came up with one of my kitties and I’ve been selling many things to help pay for expenses, including a lot of my personal Sailor Moon collection.  I’m also selling cosplay costumes and wigs from my own closet.  So, if anything interests you below please let me know! 

Misha School Uniform from Pita-Ten. $45  Bust - up to 39”, Waist - up to 37”.

Syaoran from Tsubasa. $50  Bust - up to 38”, Waist - up to 36”

Michiru Manga Rose Dress from Sailor Moon. $50  Bust - up to 36”, Waist - up to 35” (sorry this one doesn’t fit on my dress form and is super long!)


Got a request from morphississ for a Disney Princess MBTI chart. Reblog with your type, and if you want to see charts from other fandoms, I’d appreciate your followship! :)Full-Sized ChartTake the Official MBTI TestOther Fandom MBTI Charts

I’m Elsa, an INFJ.


Got a request from morphississ for a Disney Princess MBTI chart. Reblog with your type, and if you want to see charts from other fandoms, I’d appreciate your followship! :)

Full-Sized Chart
Take the Official MBTI Test
Other Fandom MBTI Charts

I’m Elsa, an INFJ.

Living a Façade

Here I go.  Going all serious on you again.  But I feel it’s time for me to share my story, my battle.  I’m certainly not getting any younger and this disease is not going anywhere.  You may even have it yourself and not realize it.  March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.  What is Endometriosis?  To put it simply it’s where tissue, similar to the lining of the uterus, is found elsewhere in the body.  Doesn’t sound too bad right?  You wouldn’t think so but this tissue is seen as a foreign object by your body.  So naturally, your body reacts to it in a negative way and basically starts a war with itself.  Hence the theory that Endometriosis is an auto-immune disease.  The tissue can spread to your ovaries, pelvic wall, bladder, bowel, intestines, colon, appendix, surgical scars and even as far as your heart or brain.  It knows no boundaries, no limits.  It’s like a creepy alien monster growing inside you.  Did you know 176 million women WORLDWIDE suffer from this illness?  An estimated 10% of all women.  That’s one in every ten women.  Think about that for a moment.  Are you in class?  Are you in a coffee shop?  Are you sitting at your local Barnes & Noble?  There are likely 10 women around you at this very moment and the odds state that 1 of them has Endometriosis.  But did you also know that the average diagnosis can take up to SEVEN years? 

Very few people in my life know of my battle with this illness.  There are those who know I suffer from it but not to the degree of my suffering.  I don’t usually share my private life with the outside world.  I don’t like pity, plain and simple.  I’ve always been a very independent person and incredibly stubborn.  But here I am over 30 and having to finally admit that I’m not a powerhouse.  I have limits.  I hate having limits but that’s the reality.  I will summarize.  I’ve had Endometriosis for over 15 years.  That’s half my life.  How often I think back to the days I couldn’t get out of bed, was crippled in pain or had no energy and wish that I could get those days back!

I was in junior high when this monster reared its ugly head.  I had to miss school a couple of days every month because the pain was too much.  If the pain spared me, the heavy bleeding did not.  I can’t tell you how many times I was embarrassed, having to change clothes in the middle of the day and coming up with excuses to my friends as to why.  Peers started picking on me, friends dropped off the planet.  I started hating my body and myself and wishing things were different.  In high school, the pain continued.  I auditioned for the dance line but because I had to miss the 2nd day of choreography due to the pain, I didn’t make the audition.  The self hate grew with the pain.  I was weak.  Why couldn’t I overcome this?!  Doctors told me it was all in my head, what I was experiencing was normal.  My family listened to them over me.  I was alone and I started to believe that maybe it was in my head.  Maybe my self hatred had grown so much that I made myself believe I was in pain?  I wished for death.

After high school I landed my first job..then my second job and so on.  I could never hang on to a job for more than a year.  I required too much time off to deal with the pain.  Excruciating pain that continued to worsen to the point that now I grew physically sick.  Vomiting seven to nine times in one night.  It was always worse at night.  I never could sleep.  I could only cry and pray to God that I would make it through the night.  The next day my body would feel like it had literally been run over by a train.  Aches and pains everywhere.  My throat burning and sore from the vomiting.  The room always had that smell.  Doctors started the pain meds.  Each one working for a few months before having no effect at all.  This monster overpowered the meds every time.  It always won the battle.  I started teaching bellydance during this time and it became my only source of income (and still is to this day).  I was able to work around the bad days.  It helped to clear my mind and gave me hope.  My family decided to move and I dreaded finding another doctor.  Having to explain all over again what I was going through and hearing the same “cures” repeated time and time again…this being the best one: “You should get pregnant! It will cure it, it all sloshes out with the baby!”.  Really?  I remember wanting to laugh but instead giving the nurse that look.  Before finding a new doctor, I was forced to visit the ER one evening when the pain grew too severe.  I was misdiagnosed with having a kidney infection.  No one knew anything about Endometriosis.  In November 2011, I spent an entire night fearing I was having a heart attack.  My chest and sides were hurting so bad I couldn’t sit up or lie down or find any comfortable position.  By the next morning the vomiting started and my family took me to the ER.  I needed emergency surgery.  My gallbladder had to come out.  I was admitted into the hospital that night and the surgery was performed the next morning.  The reason for the needed surgery?  I had endo lesions on my gallbladder that made it “diseased” and it no longer worked properly.  The monster again.  Now it’s left me with scars that are a constant reminder of it’s presence.  As a dancer, the limitations have been brutal.  Dancing has always been a major part of my life from childhood.  In the past year in order to perform I’ve received pain med injections.  Through the years I was forced to cancel performances or appearances due to the pain.  No matter how hard I tried to overcome it, I always lost. 

Today, I have thyroid disease and high levels of inflammation in my body.  (Many women with Endo have thyroid issues too.  They seem to go hand in hand.)  I am unable to eat just about anything that tastes good.  Every day is different though, what makes me sick one day may not the next.  I never know.  I am also currently on an injection to help the pain and symptoms of Endo.  It has helped the severity but at a price: I have an increased risk of breast and cervical cancer (already at risk as it runs in my family).  I am also losing bone density and more susceptible to fractures.  I have already suffered two since starting the injections.  My weight fluctuates due to the thyroid and injection combined and it’s something I am dealing with on a personal level.  It’s a bummer.  Although, the risks seem friendly compared to the level of pain I once endured.  I am just hoping that the monster doesn’t overcome this too.  The twinges of pain come every now and then and it worries me.  I don’t want to face it again.  This growing thing inside me that has already consumed so much of my life.  I want it to die.  On top of the side effects of the injection, my doctor always tries to persuade me to get them at the local Planned Parenthood clinic instead of their office.  I would rather not deal with the picketers and people who harass those who enter the clinic.  Cause the only reason any woman goes in those doors is cause they’re wanting an abortion or a way not to get pregnant!  WRONG. 

Through everything I’ve always tried to keep a smile on.  To push through and be my best at everything I attempt.  I’ve worked hard and my stubbornness is still there to push me along.  But so are you.  The people who support me.  Friends who understand when I’m having a bad day and have stuck with me regardless.  Students who make me laugh and remind me I can’t give up.  The fans who watch performances, attend panels and come up to me afterwards to thank me for being me.  Thank YOU for being you and for helping me have the strength to carry on.  I recently asked those who know me and those who do not to describe me in one word: “Patient”, “Strong”, “Mesmerizing”, “Sweet”, “Creative”.  These words tell me I’m doing my job and I’m not letting this monster win anymore.  I do what I do because of all of you.  Because of your smiling faces, because of the times I see you cry in the audience, because of the time I hear the words, “You inspire me.”.  I don’t know how much longer my body can dance but I will always spread awareness for Endometriosis.  Because no one should feel alone.

Shameless Plug & Elsa!

"Like" the page over on Facebook and when it hits 200, I’ll do fan signs! :D  Miss Michiru Cosplay

I realize I haven’t actually posted any progress pics on here in a while…so here we go!  I finished this beauty last month but I’m adding more rhinestones and making a few changes to the cloak (not pictured).  Here’s a little sneak peek until I get photos of me in the full costume.

Cosplay 101: Tips for Weight Loss

This doesn’t necessarily pertain to JUST cosplayers.  This is something that can help anyone trying to lose weight.  With the start of every new year, we all make weight loss pledges which are shortly put on the back burner.  The #1 reason?  Many people get discouraged when trying to lose weight because they focus on the wrong numbers.  When you start any type of exercise, your muscles are the first to build up thus your weight goes up.  Instead of setting a weight goal, set measurement goals!

Measure your body before starting.  Then watch as the inches come off.  It’s a lot more accurate than your scales!  Eventually the scales will match the weight you’re losing but don’t get bogged down with the numbers at the start!  Remember you gain muscle when exercising and that will affect the numbers on your scales!  Measure yourself instead and enjoy less stress with your exercise.  Your waist measurement alone is also a helpful sign in avoiding chronic health complications (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.).  To correctly measure your waist, hold the measuring tape against the skin - level with your belly button.  Don’t hold your breath and don’t pull the tape too tightly!

To help you set realistic goals, this is the basic healthy guideline for waist measurements:

Men: Goal - below 40” (higher than 40” greatly increases health risks)

Women: Goal - below 35” (higher than 35” greatly increases health risks)

emiliaclarkesfuturewife whispered: what song is your autoplay? it's very cute! 

Thank you!  It’s “Boushi no Waltz” from the Kobato soundtrack. :)  Very cute anime and manga.


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